We're back. We have too much to say and contribute. Thanks to everyone for the care and concern during our absence. We just needed a break.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I can't believe what happened today at V-Tech. In the coming days...I'm sure we'll have more answers. Unreal.

Things are tough at work this week. More soldiers that don't want to ship to BCT. On a personal note...can't blame then. On a professional signed a contract with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

I'm so torn.

L's b-day is Saturday. She will turn FIVE. I tear-up everytime I think about it. I panic when I think about shopping for school clothes, back-pack...etc. Gawd...she came home at 7 1/2 months! How the hell did we get to FIVE YEARS OLD?

I'm SO in denial.

Our wait for Sadie just goes on and on...

Part of me wants to give up. We're not getting any younger. I want to give L THE WORLD. As things are now, we're putting away everything we can for our trip to China. I'm so torn.

What most of you don't realize is that I'm a Military Contractor. My job could go away each year. It's NOT that I'm NOT doing my's just that there are SO many retired military "higher-up's" that have retired and WANT my job...that each year our contract comes up...I could be "relieved". In my opinion, it's really not that I'm NOT doing my job. It's politics. I was hired for this job despite NOT having a military background. I have 12 peers in my state with the same job and they are ALL retired military with 11 of them holding the title of Sargent Major (or higher).

I was SO incredibly blessed to get this job. I love it. Not just the salary. I love my job. I love working with these kids. And they are kids. I love working with the guys I work with...because I despise working with other women. I'm just that kind of girl.

Life is just difficult right now. Pending contract renewal and the everlengthening wait for Sadie.

Peace...for everyone.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring? Um...NOT!

We received approximately 6 in. of snow overnight and throughout the day.

L is so horribly confused after a high of 78 on Wednesday. She's questioning where EXACTLY Spring is!

We had a rough week with a terrible horribly sad family tradegy. I refuse to elaborate...but the following two words should explain. Murder, Suicide. It's been AWFUL.

The rest of April has the following exciting events: Grandparents returning home, L's birthday, and L's birthday party which will occur one week after her ACTUAL bday because Mom has she has the last 3 bdays...

We'll check in soon with pics!

Monday, April 02, 2007

THE Birthday Party

I will do ANYTHING to avoid Ch*ck E. you know who. I can't believe we even have one in our small town.

Thus, there are very few options here for a party outside of your home. Home is NOT AN OPTION. We do not have enough room. We live in a "vintage" 1950's Cape Cod that hubs' parents built on the family farm. Not exactly the ideal arrangement for a b-day party. Not to mention that this is April. We are in the high 60's today...but more SNOW is expected Thurs. and Fri. Sigh.

Thus, the search for options.

We have exactly 4 options:

  • Ch&ck E. Ch**se
  • Gymnastics Place (where they are B's with a capital B but take care of EVERY DETAIL)
  • C**nley's Resort (where they have the most awesome waterpark within 20 miles)
  • Home (NOT an option)

So, we've opted for the waterpark. L absolutely LOVES the joint. However, it is SO the racket. $15 a head, $4 more if you want to feed them...AND they charge you $15 per person to STAND IN THE POOL and help the kiddos coming off the slides to the ladder to climb out. UGH!

So...Thomas The Tank Engine theme...much to my chagrin. My darling daughter turning 5 wants TTTE...whatever. We've trimmed the guest roster to FRIENDS. No daycare friends. I WILL NOT spend over $400 for her b-day.

I'm not that privileged.

Easily amused...

I got me one of THESE this weekend. Perfect for the trip to China. It fits my new 17" laptop (with FULLSIZE) keyboard. I'm not bragging. Really.

We will "celebrate" our 10-month LID anniversary on 7, according to the current timeline...we only have 7 more months until referral. Um...yeah...right. "Whatever" L likes to say. Where did she learn that one?

I swear...this pack is awesome whether you have a 17" laptop or not. However, beware that it weighs almost 10 lbs. without anything in it.

Be aware, that through extensive price-checking...S&M's Club has the best price around. By far. In fact, Tarjey has two backpacks made by the same manufacturer that are priced at 49.99 and 59.99...and they are not "wired." Call me a SUCKER if you want, but I begged and pleaded for the laptop and it IS going to China.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...part II

I got this and this...

Yea for me!! I've been wanting both for a long time. The laptop has been seeing A LOT of activity...the LeCrusuet...well, I've only made a big pot of soup but I've lots of great recipes waiting in the wings including a classic Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. I'm from the south afterall!

Lots of posts "in the works" one of which is Lilly turning FIVE in April. I'm still in denial.

More to follow soon...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...

According to my adorable daughter, I only have THREE choices where we will celebrate my birthday. Thus, I present in HER order:

Chuck E. Ch**se

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Forgive my indulgence...

I'm at home today with a sick Muffin. I have nothing better to do than to surf and find interesting "stuff". Link heaven to follow:

Ouch! Caucasianville ?? That hurts.

I find their numbers amusing. Only 66,000 in SWI's? 555,000+ in foster homes? No way I believe that.

I like this site:

This sweet babe could use your prayers or juju...look for the "brea at Arkansas..." link to the left.

That's it for now...don't want to bore everyone. Perhaps, after my beloved NAP, there will be more.

Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY with friends...

A small but fun gathering. The girls had fun exchanging gifts and horsing around. The adults enjoyed not having to chase toddlers all over the restaurant and the other patrons were captivated by the girls. Well, we assumed they were. We got LOTS of compliments and NO complaints. Enjoy.

We're back...

Sorry for the temporary absence. We just needed a break. Things are relatively back to normal. We'll celebrate? our DTC LIDaniversary on March 7th...a full 9th month LIDaniversary...many more to come...but we are making progress.

Muffin will turn the big 5 in April and mommy is just not handling it well. I was until I got the information in the mail from the school district about REGISTERING HER FOR KINDERGARTEN. Where the heck did the time go? We brought Muffin home back in December of 2002 at 8 months. It just doesn't seem fair that the time has gone by so quickly.

Snark away. Trainwreck all you want. Sometimes we just need a break from all that is...and coupled with a stalker...the timing was perfect.